We're glad you're here.

We like to think that, through creating realistic miniatures, we are inviting you to experience joy through tricking your eye and engaging your imagination. This is a place for your inner child to be cozy and play.

We are Heather and Col. We are partners in business and life. We are tiny house enthusiasts currently living and working in 400 square feet, which we share with over 30 pet plants, and we are miniaturists. 

Why miniatures?

Puttering started in 2011 when Heather's childhood dollhouse came back into her possession at the age of 28. On a whim, she made a miniature cheeseburger with a side of fries. It was so stinking adorable, she just had to make other stuff. 

Not quite six years later, Heather retired from her job as a professional photographer to become a full time miniaturist. Her partner Nicol joined her in the studio, and quickly became integral to the design and creation of Puttering's realistic miniatures. 

Our process.

We decided to specialize solely in creating one sixth scale [i.e., playscale] miniatures because we see a huge need for accurate realism at this size. 

All our creations are made by hand from start to finish. It involves the meticulous mixing of polymer clays to get the most realistic shades possible, and lots of hand-sculpting various elements without the use of store-bought molds.

We enjoy the whole process! From gathering inspiration and studying real-life objects, to problem solving and experimenting to get the most realism possible in our miniatures. When an item is ready for listing, we love setting up all the little scenes to photograph in the 1:6 scale kitchen we built. 

It's our mission to delight! We love hearing from our customers, and seeing how you all style and play with your #putteringminis. Thank you so much for being here!